Project Description

1967 Trackmobile 5TM Front

Tractive Effort Rating: 17,500
Reconditioned in 2010
Power Steering
Tractive Effort Rating: 17,500 lbs.
Engine: Industrial, 6 cylinder. Bore – 3 3/4″. Stroke – 4 1/2″. Displacement – 298 cu. in.
116 BHP @ governed speed at 2400 RPM. Torque – 209ft/lbs @ 2100 RPM.
Diesel engine optional. Torque converter – 3.5 to 1 Torque multiplication ratio.
Transmission & Drop Case: Constant mesh planetary gearing, 3 speeds forward. Manual shift engage and disengage for rail wheels.
General Specs:
Width: 96″
Length: 144″
Wheelbase: 109″
Weight: 14,000 lbs
Ground Clearance: 10″
Rail Wheel Transfer Case: Heavy-duty, hardened alloy steel spur gears. Oil bath lubrication. 1 to 1 ratio.
Rail – Through transmission and drop case, through rail wheel gearcase to driving axle and by side rods to driven axle.
Road – Through road wheel transfer case to truck type, no spin differential driving axle. Automatic disengage in retracted position.
Brakes: 12″ diameter hydraulic service, mechanical parking, internally expanding, self-energizing drum and shoe type. Rail brake mounted on back end of road wheel transfer case. Two wheel road brakes on road drive axle.
Wheels: Rail- 18″ diameter, heat treated, cast steel, keyed on tapered axles. Solidly mounted suspension system.
Road- Tractor type, heavy duty, retractable suspension, roller bearing mounted wheels. 8 ply 7:50×17 tires.
Couplers: Heavy duty, cast steel, Trackmobile poineered weight transfer design. Positive coupling ensured to railcars with AAR countour. Remotely controlled from cab for easy coupling.
Hydraulic System: Constant pressure system with engine running, to insure maximum traction and braking ability and to prevent settling. Direct connected gear driven pump.
Operator Console: Driver conditioned, totally enclosed cab, easy to use instruments and controls. 180 degree rotating seat, 360 degree clear vision, dual brake and accelerator controls. Eletric windshield wiper.
Frame: Heavy duty, all welded from preformed steel plate and structural shapes.
Sanders: Electrically operated, built into frame.
Lights: Forward and rear tail/stop lights. Halogen front and rear lights for night operation, either on road or rail. Track mounting light for placing unit on rail at night.

Warning Signals:
Electric horn for both rail and road operation.