Project Description

1981 Trackmobile 75TM 1
1981 Trackmobile 75TM 3

Tractive Effort Rating: 32,000lbs
Power Steering
Tractive Effort Rating: 32,000lbs
Engine: Industrial, 6 cylinder, 4 cycle, gasoline or 4 cycle diesel.
General Specs:
Width: 112″
Length: 150″
Wheelbase: 1126″
Weight: 17,000 lbs
Rail – Through transmission and drop case, through rail wheel gearcase to driving axle and by side rods to driven axle.
Road – Through road wheel transfer case to truck type, no spin differential driving axle. Automatic disengage in retracted position.
Brakes: 18.5″ diameter hydraulic service, mechanical parking, internally expanding, self-energizing drum and shoe type. Rail brake mounted on back end of road wheel transfer case. Two wheel road brakes on road drive axle.
Wheels: Rail- 18″ diameter, heat treated, cast steel, keyed on tapered axles. Solidly mounted suspension system.