How to move a railcar.

We get asked, as normal conversation, “What do you do for a living”?  We say “we are in the railcar mover business” and no one knows what business this is.  So I say the railroad company drops off railcars to a plant and will come back in a few days to pick them up.  The plant, in the meantime, has to either load or unload them before they so up.  Our business is providing a machine that gets onto the track and moves the railcars to load or unload them, then stage the railcars to be picked up. This brings up a good question “how do I move my railcars”?  There are many answers and we would like to provide an explanation about the pros and cons of each one.  What is apparent in almost every railcar accident inside a plant, is the lack of understanding how much these railcars weigh and how hard it is to stop them when they are moving!  Railcars are somewhat easy to get moving, but very difficult to stop unless you are using the right equipment.  Here are some ways companies use to move their railcars. Let the railroad move the railcars – The railroad will move railcars if they have provided this service in the past.  If you are a new customer, they will probably not provide this service.  We have heard figures of $150.00 to $300.00 per railcar for each move (that gets expensive).  The biggest down fall of this method is [...]

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